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Local view with Damian Brandy

A warm welcome to Local viewer Damian Brandy

Welcome to the “Local View” feature. A simple question and answer session with Golfers on the ground who play Golf in the UAE. This time we are pleased to feature Local viewer Damian Brandy. If you are interested in being the subject in Local View, please contact us.

1. Name? Damian Brandy
2. Age? 18
3. Nationality? British
4. How long have you been playing golf? 20 years (give or take)
5. Handicap? 11
6. Occupation? Corporate Communications, Energy
7. How long have you lived in the UAE? 11 years
8. What area of the UAE do you live? Abu Dhabi

UAE Golf:
1. How many times do you play golf a month? Generally, between 3-4 times per month although most rounds are 9 holes in the morning before work.
2. How do you cope with the heat in summer when playing golf? Summer, for me is one of the best times to play golf. I generally play early morning so while it is hot, it feels like a good morning workout. And the sun rises earlier so I get to play more holes before work.
3. Favorite golf courses in the UAE? Yas Links is hands down the best golf course. Great setting, fantastic golf course. Asks different questions of your game to any other course in the country.
4. Which of the 5 Golfing Emirates have you played golf in? Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.
5. Are you part of any golfing societies in the UAE? No but I am an EGF member.
6. What is your lowest score on a UAE Course? 82 Yas Links and Abu Dhabi National. I count the 82 at Yas as being the equivalent to sub-80 at any other course in the UAE. That’s when I knew I had it in me to turn pro!
7. Have you ever had golf lessons in the UAE and was it a good experience? Never had lessons. Game entirely self taught, but I am used to watching others and applying what I see to my own game. For me, the golf swing will never be right or perfect. It’s more of an continual process of refinement.
8. Do you ever use a driving range or practice facilities in the UAE? Yes, generally at the course I play at most often which is the Abu Dhabi National. My son also has lessons there on a Friday morning so it gives me an excuse to get some more range time.
9. How do you find the service at Golf clubs in the UAE? We enjoy first class service at golf clubs here. To the point where it makes life hard for us playing anywhere else.
10. Are you a member of a course in the UAE, if not what would encourage you to become a member? No – just too expensive for me. Weekday memberships, payment options over a number months and free junior golf would definitely make me think twice.
11. Do you visit any of the Golfing events in the UAE? If yes, which ones? Abu Dhabi Golf Championship is my favourite local golf event. I have also attended the Desert Classic, Ladies Masters and the DP World Tour Championship. All nice events, but Abu Dhabi just pips it.
12. What would you do to improve the UAE Golf scene? Reduce green fees during off-peak hours.

Other Golf:
1. Who is your favorite golfer’s past or present and why? Favourite of all time is Tiger Woods. I don’t think I really to explain why. For some reason, I have always liked the Southern African golfers. Watching them play is like sporting poetry. Ernie Els, Nick Price, Retief Goosen. They have Africa in their swings.
2. Favorite sport apart from golf? Cricket
3. What do you do to relax apart from golf? Spend time with the family.
4. Favorite other Golf courses you have played in the world? Celtic Manor. The Grove. Gleneagles
5. If you could play golf anywhere in the world that you have not been, where would it be? The US. Augusta National. Sawgrass.

We would like to thank Damian for his time. If you would like to be featured, please contact us.

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