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Where are they Golfing now Victoria Hassett

UAE Golf Online track down people down who used to work in and around the UAE Golf Industry

Welcome to ‘Where are they Golfing now’ where we track down people who used to work in and around the UAE Golf Industry. Victoria Hassett gave some answers to our questions on ‘Where she is golfing now’.

Full name: Victoria Hassett
Age: 28
Nationality: British

How long were you living in UAE and in the Golf Industry?
Nearly 3 and a half years

Where have you worked in the UAE and when?
Yas Links, Abu Dhabi 2011 – 2014

What was your role and some of the duties?
I started as a Tournament Coordinator and PGA Golf Coach, I was then promoted to Golf Operations Supervisor and then became the Golf Operations Manager.

As Golf Operations Manager I was responsible for a team of 35 multicultural members of staff. My main role included overseeing all areas of the Golf Operation including profit and loss, recruitment and staff welfare, the golf academy and retail. Responsible for planning and coordinating all corporate and member golf events and delivering at all times a 5* golfing service.

You saw many changes in not only the way the UAE now looks, but also in the growth of the Golf industry, what are your thoughts on this progression while you were here?
I found it really exciting as there was a clear demand for golf and subsequently for more courses to be built. There was healthy competition between the clubs which I saw as a good thing as it made you continuously review procedures and strive and push to deliver the best you possibly could.

Have you managed to get back to the UAE for any Golf or Golf events?
Not yet but I am hoping I will be in 2018!

Do you miss anything about golf in the UAE and do you keep an eye on what happens?
I miss the guaranteed sunshine when you play and not having to play with so many layers on! The customer service and condition of golf courses you get at golf courses in the UAE are hard to beat. I do still keep an eye out on what happens, thanks to Social Media it is very easy to do so.

Can you talk a bit about where are you currently working and if you are still involved in Golf?
I work for the European Tour within the European Tour Properties division. This division comprises a network of world-class golf venues, located in key strategic golf markets. The current portfolio consists of 25 venues in 19 countries in 3 continents. My role is to drive Venue benefit from the investment they make within their partnership with the Tour and support the venue needs.

In your opinion, how is the Golf scene in the country/location where you are now, compared to the UAE?
Being based in Surrey I am very fortunate that there is an infinite number of courses around and high-quality ones at that. The level of service in the UAE, however, is beyond another level and certainly suppresses the service I have experienced in the UK.

What is the standard of the courses in the area where you are located?
There are some very good courses in Surrey. Starting with Wentworth which is home to the European Tour headquarters. There are some other very high-end courses nearby such as Sunningdale and Queenwood.

How was the transition from a UAE Golf role to another for you?
When I first moved back to the UK I joined IMG where I managed the retail programme at The Open on behalf of the R&A. I went from a very much operations role to a more office based role for a large corporate company so the role itself was very different and I wasn’t based at a golf club.  Living in the UAE, however, did teach me to adapt to my surroundings quickly and this defiantly helped me for when I first moved back.

What did working in UAE Golf teach you?
Where do I start…, a great deal of things. I learned more than I ever thought possible. Maturity, professionalism, patience, persistence, precision when communicating, attention to detail, ownership, empowerment, leadership.

Would you recommend anyone takes a look at working in UAE Golf?
Most definitely. Its fast paced and hard work but incredibly rewarding and will teach you things that will last a lifetime.

UAE Golf Online would like to thank Victoria for her time. If you want to be featured, please contact us.

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