Local View on UAE Golf

Local View on UAE Golf with UAE Golfer Bryan Banner

Bryan was interviewed back in 2011/12

Welcome to our “Local View” feature, a question and answer session with Golfers on the ground who play Golf in the UAE. We are pleased to feature Bryan Banner as our next Local Viewer. If you are interested in being the subject in Local View, please contact us.

1. Name? Bryan Banner
2. Age? 36
3. Nationality? American
4. How long have you been playing golf? 19 years
5. Handicap? 6 right now…
6. Occupation? operations manager
7. How long have you lived in the UAE? four years in July
8. What area of the UAE do you live? Jumeirah village circle (lots of construction)

UAE Golf related:

1. How many times do you play golf a month? Four to ten depends on the week
2. How do you cope with the heat in summer when playing golf? I work outside, so heat doesn’t bother me so much. plenty of water, rehydrate and those lekker cold towels do the trick.
3. Favorite golf courses in the UAE? Majilis, Els, AESG (former Palm Sports Resort)
4. Which of the 4 Emirates have you played golf in? Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and RAK
5. Are you part of any golfing societies in the UAE? Yes, KEGs
6. What is your lowest score on a UAE course? 69 at AESG (-2) first and only time to break par.
7. Have you ever had golf lessons in the UAE and was it a good experience? No golf lessons….yet.
8. Do you ever use a driving range or practice facilities in the UAE? Yes, Emirates and Els Courses
9. How do you find the service at Golf clubs in the UAE? 75% fake, 25% genuine. Taken me a while to figure who is what. I can elaborate, but not enough space.
10. Are you a member of a course in the UAE, if not what would encourage you to become a member? Not a member (with the EGF). A huge pay raise.
11. Do you visit any of the Golfing events in the UAE? If yes, which ones? DDC, Race to Dubai and Ladies Masters.
12. What would you do to improve the UAE Golf scene? I think affordability is a hot topic for UAE golf. There has to be a way to allow everyone an outlet through golf and still have the exclusivity at most clubs. Possibly offer more Range/Practice memberships and/or a bigger discount if belonging to the EGF.

Other Golf:

1. Who are you favorite golfers past or present and why? Respect to the Big Three: Arnie, Jack, and Gary. Golf would not be as mainstreamed without their contributions. I still love the guys who wear their emotions on their sleeves: Tiger, Rory and Seve. Then there are guys who stop and pose for pictures with everyone: Alvaro, Charl, and Louis. Too many to name, I love golf.
2. Favorite sport apart from golf? American Football….shocker, I know.
3. What do you do to relax apart from golf? Britt and beach, the only thing out there to pry me away from a quick 18.
4. Favorite other played Golf courses in the world? (top 3) I’ve played in Malaysia, South Africa, UAE, and USA. Lee’s Hill Golfers Club in Fredericksburg, Virginia holds a special place in my heart. Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Country Club in Leesburg, Virginia; a Gary Player design which I absolutely love. Castle Bay Golf Club in or near Wilmington, North Carolina; lots of good memories there with the boys.
5. If you could play golf anywhere in the world where would it be? Augusta National, of course, hands down.

We would like to thank Bryan for his time. If you would like to be featured, please contact us.

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