The UAE Golf Online VIP Club

Everyone is looking for value and deals
With so many great Golf courses and facilities, Golf in the UAE has never been so accessible or popular for people living and traveling to the Emirates.
This is obviously fantastic if you are a Golfer, but all this comes at a cost. Golf is not cheap here in the UAE and although you receive superb service, you pay for that service.

We have always believed there could be more value within Golf here for the casual Golfer. This has definitely improved in the last few years due to market conditions, supply, and digitization.

What is the VIP club? It’s a very simple concept, a member only FB Group that will look for as supply related deals and discounts on a variety of businesses. The Group will not be full of posts constantly spamming you, simply a place for us to send a few messages and interact with you implementing discussion.

The more Golfers join the bigger the possibilities. Basically, the more power and influence we create as a Group then the more reductions on Golf related offers we can look for.

It’s very easy to become a member and there are only a few simple steps and rules.
1 – You have to be living int he UAE
2 – Like our Facebook page
3 – Message us through the FB page asking to be added to the private Group.

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