UAE Golf Online – about me and why the project was created

Hello and Welcome to UAE Golf Online.

My name is Paul, I am the creator of the UAE Golf Online project. We have been online and using social media in different ways since December 2009. Since launching, I have been showcasing, blogging, reporting, and discussing Golf in the Emirates.

UAE Golf Online was created for several reasons, some of them obvious and others not so. It was partly born out of a belief that an online service was missing to showcase what the Emirates has to offer in terms of Golf.

Personally, I’ve over 12+ years of experience in content, both traditional and now Digital, Social Media Content strategy, and Web, mainly around Sport. As you can tell, Golf is a major passion which started when I used to work in the Algarve designing print Golf Magazines and Golf yardage booklets for several courses in Southern Portugal.

After leaving the Algarve and coming to the UAE, I created the original UAE Golf Online website for several reasons. Mainly it was from a belief that an online service was missing to showcase what the Emirates have to offer in terms of Golf, nothing ticked all the boxes.


The United Arab Emirates in the world of Golf is a unique, spectacular and must visit Golfing destination. The website has been a long investment of time and effort to give you a look and feel of what’s on offer.

I’ve watched the European Tour growth in the Emirates and region with a keen eye. The expansion of Golf in the UAE has been nothing short of remarkable.

There is more to come and we appreciate your support. If you have any questions, suggestions or business inquiries please contact me.

Happy UAE Golfing!

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Paul – UAE Golf Online Editor

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