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Where are they Golfing now Brad Sim

UAE Golf Online track down people down who used to work in and around the UAE Golf Industry

Welcome to the feature ‘Where are they Golfing now’ where we track down people who used to work in and around the UAE Golf Industry. Brad Sim gave his answers to our questions on ‘Where he is golfing now’.

Full name: Brad Sim
Age: 38
Nationality: Australian

How long were you living in Dubai and in the Golf Industry?
4.5 years

Where have you worked in the UAE and when?
The Els Club from construction to operation. 2006 to 2010

What were your role and some of the duties?
Assistant Superintendent, oversaw the construction companies during the build. Build the golf course team as the course was handed over, assist the superintendent to open and maintain the golf course for the first 2 or 3 years.

You saw many changes in not only the way Dubai now looks but also in the growth of the Golf industry, what are your thoughts on this progression and the future?
As I arrived, Dubai and the industry was growing at a massive rate and new golf projects were starting and being planned at countless developments throughout the area. The GFC, unfortunately, stalled a lot of these projects but it’s great to hear the growth has returned and is picking up where it left off pre-2008.

Have you managed to get back to the UAE for any Golf or Golf events?
No, but keenly followed on television where ever possible.

Do you miss anything about golf in the UAE/Dubai?
The 9 months of perfect playing conditions and guaranteed sunshine.

Can you talk a bit about where are you currently residing and working? Tell us a little about the Golf Club?
I am now the Superintendent at Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand. It’s a privately owned pay and play facility that has some of the most breathtaking golf holes and views I’ve seen.
In sunny Hawke’s Bay, it’s a definite bucket list course for any golfer and an absolute privilege to work at.

How is the New Zealand Golf scene? Compared to other places you have worked?
It’s been a really good season for us here at Cape Kidnappers with business performing very strongly over the summer period. Compared to other places I’ve worked… Cape Kidnappers doesn’t have a membership base so the clientele is usually traveling golf enthusiasts. The property has a genuine aurora and you can see the joy in the golfers’ faces when they are playing which is different from seeing members playing their own course for the 3rd time that week.

What is the standard of the courses in New Zealand and Golf development?
The standard of courses is very strong with a good number of courses competing with the most highly rated course in the world. New Zealand is touted as having the most golf courses per capita in the world and to go with these top end tracks there are countless gems tucked all over the country.
The NZ government has realized this potential and started a Golf Tourism drive that is promoting New Zealand’s like a golf holiday destination and I think you will see people catch onto this as time goes on.

How was the transition from Dubai to other areas/New Zealand for you?
I had a two-year stint in Sydney which has helped transition slowly down from the crazy desert temperatures to here. This is my second stint in NZ and is not really a hard place to transition to and a very nice place to live.

Would you recommend people to try Golf in New Zealand?
I couldn’t recommend it enough. A golfing holiday or a holiday with some golf, it will be a trip you will never forget. New Zealand’s golf courses and the country itself offer’s experiences you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

UAE Golf Online would like to thank Brad for his time. If you want to be featured, please contact us.

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