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Local view with AbuTorab Arghandiwal

A warm welcome to Local viewer AbuTorab Arghandiwal

Welcome to the “Local View” feature. A simple question and answer session with Golfers on the ground who play Golf in the UAE. This time we are pleased to feature Local viewer AbuTorab Arghandiwal. If you are interested in being the subject in Local View, please contact us.

1. Name? AbuTorab Arghandiwal
2. Age? 18
3. Nationality? American/Swiss
4. How long have you been playing golf? 14 years
5. Handicap? 1.5
6. Occupation? Student and Golf team player at Marymount University California
7. How long have you lived in the UAE? 14 years
8. What area of the UAE do you live? Dubai

UAE Golf:
1. How many times do you play golf a month? 25-30 times.
2. How do you cope with the heat in summer when playing golf? Sunblock, water and cap!
3. Favorite golf courses in the UAE? Yas Links, Dubai Creek, Earth Course, Majlis
4. Which of the 5 Golfing Emirates have you played golf in? All 5!
5. Are you part of any golfing societies in the UAE? No
6. What is your lowest score on a UAE Course? 70 on the Majlis
7. Have you ever had golf lessons in the UAE and was it a good experience? I have been at Dubai Creek Academy since I could walk and am proud to be in their alumni.
8. Do you ever use a driving range or practice facilities in the UAE? Yes, always whenever I play
9. How do you find the service at Golf clubs in the UAE? Excellent, better than anywhere else in the world.
10. Are you a member of a course in the UAE, if not what would encourage you to become a member? I have been a member Dubai Creek and Emirates for 10 years
11. Do you visit any of the Golfing events in the UAE? If yes, which ones? I’m a very active participant at the DP World Tour Championship and Desert Classic as a marshal for Rory McIlroy and have played on the pro-am teams many times.
12. What would you do to improve the UAE Golf scene? Nothing!

Other Golf:
1. Who is your favorite golfer’s past or present and why? Rory McIlroy, Alexander Levy, Stenson, Fleetwood
2. Favorite sport apart from golf? Sailing
3. What do you do to relax apart from golf? Music, party, gym and family
4. Favorite other Golf courses you have played in the world? Old Course (St Andrews), Golf Club Lebanon, Royal Mougins (Where I trained for 3 years at Mouratoglou Academy in France)
5. If you could play golf anywhere in the world that you have not been, where would it be? I’m on the Marymount California University Golf team and will be enjoying many American Golf courses. I would love to be on the Tour one day and play various Golf courses worldwide.

We would like to thank AbuTorab for his time. If you would like to be featured, please contact us.

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