Local View on UAE Golf

Local View on UAE Golf with UAE Golfer Lindsay Anne Brown

Lindsay was interviewed back in 2011/12

Welcome to the “Local View” feature. A simple question and answer session with Golfers on the ground who play Golf in the UAE. This time we are pleased to feature Local viewer Lindsay Anne Brown, who is the defending ladies Order of Merit champion in the UAE. If you are interested in being the subject in Local View, please contact us.

1. Name? Lindsay Anne Brown
2. Age? 24
3. Nationality? South African
4. How long have you been playing golf? 11 years
5. Handicap? 2
6. Occupation? N/A
7. How long have you lived in the UAE? One and a half years
8. What area of the UAE do you live? Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

UAE Golf related:

1. How many times do you play golf a month? I play 3-4 times a week, so that would be 12-16 games. I practice pretty much the rest of the time.
2. How do you cope with the heat in summer when playing golf? After your first experience of summer, you just get on with it. If its way to hot, I’m sensible enough to know it’s safer to be indoors.
3. Favorite golf courses in the UAE?
• Majlis, Emirates Golf Club
• Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club
• Yas Links
4. Which of the 4 Emirates have you played golf in? Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and RAK
5. Are you part of any golfing societies in the UAE? No
6. What is your lowest score on a UAE Course? In tournament (-1) 71 at ays links and in general play (-3) 68 of the men’s blue tees at Al Ain
7. Have you ever had golf lessons in the UAE and was it a good experience? Yes, Fraser Mclaughlan at Al Ain and Steven Hubner in Dubai Creek are excellent teachers but I don’t get regular coaching, unfortunately.
8. Do you ever use a driving range or practice facilities in the UAE? Always before a round wherever I play I hit before, the Range at Al Ain is magnificent, and I think UAE boasts some of the finest practice ranges I’ve ever seen.
9. How do you find the service at Golf clubs in the UAE? Second to none really, everything is just so easy because people are looking after you wherever you go.
10. Are you a member of a course in the UAE, if not what would encourage you to become a member? I am a member of Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club.
11. Do you visit any of the Golfing events in the UAE? If yes, which ones? Dubai Ladies Omega Masters, that tournament convinced me to turn pro.
12. What would you do to improve the UAE Golf scene? Honestly, there isn’t much you can do. The playing rates at some places might be very expensive sometimes, and I would encourage more courses to be designed for walking golf, instead of all these news courses being designed for Carts.

Other Golf:

1. Who are you favorite golfers past or present and why? Tom Watson, would occupy both past & present, he’s just such a classy, elegant golfer, every time I see him he’s always smiling. He’s one of the few American golfers who took the time to play golf overseas back in the day, and he became the finest ever American to play links golf. Above all though he’s the best putter I’ve ever seen.
2. Favorite sport apart from golf? Has to be English football, I love team sports.
3. What do you do to relax apart from golf? Sleep, I really enjoy sleeping. Reading is great and I always listen to music. I’m always watching movies as well.
4. Favorite other played Golf courses in the world?
• Alwoodley Golf Club, Leeds, UK
• Cotswold Downs, KZN, South Africa
• Bluff National Park Golf Club, KZN, South Africa (My home course so it’s a bit bias.)
5. If you could play golf anywhere in the world where would it be? Realistically it would be in the Southern Cape back home in South Africa, the courses along the famous “Garden route” are just magnificent. The Place around it is pretty amazing, really natural and beautiful. I’d also like to one day play St. Andrews just because it’s so famous.

We would like to thank Lindsay for her time. If you would like to be featured, please contact us.

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