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The first Arab Mena Golf Tour winner Ahmed Marjane

Ahmed Marjane's win is great news for regional Golf

Ahmed Marjane Mena Golf Tour winner: It was a momentous day last week in regional and UAE Golf, Golf in Dubai and especially the Mena Golf Tour should be very proud.

Now is in its 4th year, The Mena Golf Tour has been attempting to create a solid regional Golf Tour dedicated to the growth of the game, just like other areas in the world have already established.
A simple and needed idea which on the face of it seems like a logical place to start bringing and encouraging Arab Golf to the forefront.

Initially, in its first couple of years, the Tour attracted many players form a variety of nations mainly outside of the Arab world. With great dedication and determination, the Tour is growing in regards to the quality of players and more Arab Golfers. Last week saw the first major milestone of some of the great work already undertaken with an Arab Golfer winning a tour event for the first time.


Morocco Golfer Ahmed Marjane cemented his name in regional Golfing history by becoming the first Arab winner on the Tour. I wonder if this has registered with the youngster how significant a milestone this could be for him and Golf in the region. His name will go down in history for all the right reasons.

We at UAE Golf Online would like to pay tribute to Ahmed Marjane, Mohammad Juma BuAmim (for his vision), and dedicated Golf in Dubai team for helping to bring the project to life.
This win is not only historical but it could be a catalyst to propel the tour further within the region. Not only the players should take note but also Arab sponsors.


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