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Time to get back in the swing of UAE Golf

UAE Golf Online makes a return

UAE Golf Online makes a return: **We are currently upgrading, updating and creating a new looking website, please be patient with us as we continue to enhance the experience.

I’ve spent the last 10 months taking stock on whether I should re-build the UAE Golf Online website. Way back in 2016, I made the decision to purely concentrate on social platforms after the site was hacked.
At the time I lost some information/files and even though it was partly my error I really took it to heart and became disillusioned with the platform I was using.

Since 2009 I have worked really hard on building the brand, maintaining the site and expanding the features. Hours and hours had been spent traveling around the Emirates out of my own pocket to build an independent guide for UAE Golf with little reward. During the latter period, I had some personal issues and made some poor decisions on how to evolve things. These decisions ultimately left me losing my way with the project that I had worked so hard creating. Of course, there was then some downtime away from the animal I had spent so much effort trying to tame.


Trying to complete so many things can result in nothing getting done… bringing together so many different factions and attempting to make people believe/understand in what I was trying to show was draining.

2018 and beyond

If you’re reading this now then you will obviously see that I changed my mind and brought the project back.
A new platform, new layout, new security, and new belief… welcome to the new UAE Golf Online.

There is still a mountain of content to add from previous years’ archives and this will be updated behind the scenes. As you can see I have added some of the older features and content already.

Remember we still have a healthy social media following related to UAE Golf, so make sure you check out all our platforms.

Please contact me if you want to send any Golf news related to the UAE/Middle East, have any propositions or want to work together on any projects.


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