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Relationships, the Race to Dubai and Jumeirah Golf Estates

10 Years of the DP World Tour Championship has been amazing

The DP World Tour Championship is back in town and It’s certainly been a special relationship for Golf in Dubai and the European Tour. I can visualize Jumeirah Golf Estates and the Race to Dubai teams are busy exchanging some Tin or Aluminum celebrating this special 10-year Golf marriage.

In the beginning, there were logistical, monetary and other teething problems to overcome, all of which you would expect when hosting such a high profile Golf event at a new venue for the first time.

10 years later and you have to say it’s been an undoubted success. The Golf has been amazing, the crowds have turned out (which was always a worry with many Golf events in the calendar here) and the venue has matured, no thanks to the amazing work by Mark Tupling and his dedicated team.


Personally, from afar I feel extremely attached to this event because it links strongly to my time living in Dubai. Why such a connection? Well, it’s for many reasons, some personal and some are just seeing the whole project make it through the tough times at the start and continue to develop into the place it is today.

I remember being part of a tour on the site pre-opening when the development was being built and shaped thinking this place is going to be huge!
The inauguration of the last four holes with Robert Karlsson and co hitting a few balls around the closing holes.
Playing a round of Golf on the Fire course one media day with Lee Westwood Teeing off for us!
Taking my son to the event each Friday since he was born 7 years ago. My parents being here and my Dad witnessing Rory winning (His favorite Golfer)

These are just a few I’ve jotted down but there are so many memories and so many occasions which have made this event special.

When you drive around Jumeirah Golf Estates, there’s still more to be done but the development looks impressive. You can see visibly that there’s been significant progress on most of the outer buildings and the dream is almost reality.

Here’s to another 10 years!

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