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The UAE Golfing Season is rolling along nicely

It has been a busy few weeks in the UAE Golfing Season

It has been a busy few weeks in the UAE Golfing Season and the momentum continues to roll on like the infamous stone ball scene in the first Indiana Jones!

The courses are at there most hectic and the news coming from the Hotel and Tourism industry is showing that room occupancy is up. I wonder if the courses benefit from this upturn from Tourism?

The Mena tour kicked off in style with great success which included several new names battling it out over 4 very different UAE Golf Courses. Winners from all over the world of Golf were involved. Young Englishmen Jake Shepherd took the overall title. It will be extremely interesting to see where this goes next year and how it expands, great for golf in this region.


The Dubai World Championship is now less than 50 days away, where does the time go? The time between the very first event and now has well and truly flown. Is it just me or does living in the UAE magically speed up the clock?

This next event at JGE (Jumeirah Golf Estates) is the last one of the initial 3 deal that was proposed between the concerned parties and I am eager to see what happens next. I am sure the announcement is not that far away to whether the deal is continued, ending or moving to another part of the region. Usually, these things are normally announced at one of the press conferences just as it is all about to start pre-event, so let’s see.

The construction at the venue hopefully will not cause any problems, there have been major road closures, movement and reconfiguring resulting in the movement of the entrance further down the road. This has created only one entrance in that can result in some long u-turns if you come from the wrong way or miss the slip lane!
I do hope there is another entrance made (not likely looking at the ways into the development) as this will be a shame to not capitalize again on the big crowds that have come and enjoyed the whole event previously. People may get fed up with what could be potentially long queues getting in and out of the venue.
But I for one am looking forward to the event again as it is a special one on the Golfing calendar. I have commented several times before about the feel and atmosphere.

On the local front, The UAE International Pairs event is again back. Chris Turlik has carried on where he left off last year making this event established and UAE Golf Online is firmly in support of his efforts. (Main Photo last years winners)

Bob Driver, who has been involved with UAE Golf on many levels has also restarted the UAE Scratch League Golf and just released the new schedule. (another interclub competition)

The EGF is also starting new drives to find local golfing grassroots talent which is a must for the region. Any country that has great Golf facilities should encourage the local population to get involved & maybe one day find a champion.

As per usual there is so much going on it is hard to keep pace!

Enjoy your Golf wherever you are – Paul

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