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Al Badia Golf Junior Development Program Graduation Ceremony

28th of May 2011 Saw the winter season come to a fantastic conclusion at the Al Badia Golf Junior Development program Graduation Ceremony.


The event took place in the most adequate of settings using the Shaheen Ballroom and the Tea lounge of the Al Badia Club house. The purpose for the day was set to celebrate all of the hard work, effort and passion that the youngsters have put into their golf over the 26 week course.

The program at Al Badia was designed by the resident coaches themselves, ensuring that all of their experiences and expertise were used in designing the ultimate development program.  During the course of the lessons children not only learned golf but they also improved their physical capacity to be able improve their golf as they grow in size, this was done by taking a new approach to acquiring skills.

The ceremony was attended by in excess of 180 people and among the graduates some special awards were given out to the children who had showed extra effort, etiquette and a real thirst for playing golf.

Junior Golf at Al Badia does not stop there, over the summer there will be a 6 lesson course spaced over 12 weeks to keep the development going whilst under the watchful eye of the clubs own PGA qualified coaches.  Then at the end of September Starts the Development program, consisting of 1 hour classes and if you sign up for the full course the kids even receive a set of customized golf clubs. Places are limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

If you would like your children to be part of the progress and have fun whilst learning golf then contact Al Badia Golf to find out more.

Junior Awards Al Badia


Picture: Group Photo of All Junior Graduates with Mathew Parker and Jamie Anton

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