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Double Hole In One Joy

Incredibly, and defying all the odds, husband and wife golfers Bob Vincent and Pamela De Vere achieved a hole in one apiece one after the other at the Royal Golf Club.

“I was so excited when I got a hole in one on the 7thhole of the Wee Monty academy course,” said Pamela. “I’m new to the sport and was delighted because I thought I had achieved something Bob had never managed – so much for my short lived victory!”


“We were both absolutely stunned,” added Bob. “We celebrated Pamela’s achievement and once we’d calmed down a bit, I played my shot, only for that to go straight in too! The memory of this feat will live with us forever and will undoubtedly become much enhanced over time!”

“I’ve only ever heard of this double husband and wife achievement happening once before and that was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records,” commented Phil Jones, the Royal Golf Club’s Director of Golf Operations. “Congratulations to Bob and Pamela on an incredible accomplishment.”



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