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Within the Boardroom with Massimo Tassinari CEO of Conte of Florence

In this edition of “Within the Boardroom” UAE Golf Online have spoken to the CEO of Italian fashion and sports brand “Conte of Florence”. We welcome their current CEO Massimo Tassinari who answered a few questions for us relating to the company.
1 – Can you give us a short brief into what is your role at the company, how long have you worked at Conte of Florence (COF) and what the brand stands for?
I have been COF CEO since October 2012 and the brand stands for a contemporary sophisticated sportswear with solid roots into the Fashion and craftsmanship tradition peculiar to Florence and Tuscany.

2 – What drives you as a CEO?
I’m committed to drive all the COF team to make the Company grow through delivering to our customers Style and Quality with a touch of Tuscan emotion.
3 – COF have been in operation since 1952, in this competitive market, how have you managed to keep the brand current, innovative and fashionable?
Always keeping in mind the Pillars of the brand: Sportiveness, Quality, Design and Tuscany tradition and evolve them through the lenses of Contemporary style.
4 – COF create many different ranges for different sports, Sport and fashion has become so important, do you this this trend continuing and how do you keep on top of this?
The concept of evolving style applied to our pillars together with keeping in mind the need to easily mix each line and capsule is what makes us capable of driving this challenge.
Golf Related:
1 – You mention in one of your statements that Golf is part of your DNA and that it is no coincidence that the first golf club in Italy was established right there in Florence, in the Cascine park. Was this a major influence in COF entering into the Golf apparel market back in the 1980’s?
It was indeed, together with the opportunity to transform the original ski focused company in a 12 month concept able to sustain a growing demand from our customers.
2 – You have partnered with several Golfers over the years can you give us some names that you have worked with?
Starting from the golfing legend Costantino Rocca players such us Darren Clarke, Thomas Bjørn, Robert Karlsson, Geoff Ogilvy wore Conte in the past. Now we have great expectations from Andy Sullivan and from the first Golf Olympic Medal the young Italian talent Renato Paratore.
3 – Can you tell us about some of the Golf tournaments/events COF sponsor globally?
We are currently sponsoring among the others the World Corporate Golf Challenge which involves 48 countries, The Land Rover Golf Challenge with the international final in the UAE, the Unopiù Golf Trophy held in 5 countries and the Jaguar Golf Trophy.
4 – As a brand, how do you choose which players, partners and events who to work with, what is your criteria?
The main criteria is his the Ambassador is sharing our values and how much is he/she intrigued by COF and capable to bring these values to a wider audience.

5 – Are you a golfer? If so What is your handicap?
Unfortunately not yet but I already had some golf lessons and I trully loved it. I belive it is one of the most involving sports.
6 – Where would you like to take COF as a Golf apparel brand? Do you have a vision in place already?
The most Trendy and elegant Italian Brand chosen by golfers all over the World.
7 – You are expanding here in the Middle East, how do you see this market being beneficial to you?
Middle East is a great opportunity to reach a wide audience of people who do appreciate Italian Style and I’m sure will love Conte of Florence.
8 – You have also partnered with Golf in Dubai and you shirt sponsor a couple of players on the Mena Golf Tour (Zane Scotland previous winner) how pleased are you with your partners?
We are very pleased with this partnership. The opportunity to enter in the Emirates from such an important door is a great opportunity for Conte.


We would like to thank Massimo for his time, you can visit the Conte of Florence exhibition stand in the village at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic all week, alternatively visit – http://www.conteofflorence.com/golf/en_GB/index

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