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Can you feel it?

The pressure mounts for Lindsay Anne Brown preparing for the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters

If you’re wondering whether my title is quoting the Jackson Five, well, you’re quite right, it is! It was playing on my iTunes a few moments ago and it inspired me.

I’m not sure if its just because December is here and everybody is excited about Christmas and getting festive, but I think if you had to ask most people how they feel, they would all probably say there isn’t enough time left! (Well the ones buying the presents are probably saying that the kids are most likely thinking that time is passing so slow it must be going backward.)

And if I’m honest I would say the exact same thing, except it’s not Christmas I’m stressing about. With the timely arrival of December, probably, the biggest opportunity of my so far short life arrives as well, and it comes by the name of the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters.

Picture most of the women’s golf elite and most experienced golfers, in one place, The Emirates Golf Club. It’s going to be another fantastic edition of one of the Ladies European Tour’s most prestigious event.

Then it hits me, I’m playing in the same event!

When I look back to April 2009 when I played in the ladies amateur South African open in Cape Town, I came home back to Durban in tears because once again, I’d failed to live up to expectations (which were mostly my own) – I realize how badly I had let myself down with my actions on and off the golf course, I made the mistake of letting it get to me and eat away at my already seriously fragile confidence. So I gave the game up and for the rest of the year while I was happy spending more time off the golf course without the frustrations, something was definitely missing.

When I arrived in Al Ain to live with my family again, my parents signed me up to become a member of the Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club… And as parents go, that was defiantly the best decision they have ever made for me, It might sound ridiculous but when it comes to competitive golf its always a bonus to have someone else look out for you. The game has a way of becoming too much if you try to do it on all your own.

And now here I am preparing for Round 1 of the Ladies Masters. It just goes to show that when 365 doors close on you, there is always another one that will open as a result of it. I really don’t believe in dead ends.

I played the Majlis yesterday, and the course is in fantastic condition, the rough is incredibly long and the greens are super slick, It was quite an eventful round but great to be back there, I have fond memories of Emirates Golf Club, and I hope to have more coming soon.

On the Order of Merit front, I must congratulate Sana Tufail for winning Abu Dhabi National Ladies Open and the Al Ghazal Ladies Open, and to Kavita Sehmi, who keeps improving every time I see her play.

The Yas Links Ladies Open is on the 10th of December, I will be there to defend my title and I hope to see you all there!

So with that said, I’m going to head off to the Driving range and carry on with preparations for only the biggest tournament of my life.

Happy Golfing Everyone x


Main Photo: Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club

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