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Welcome to Everyday Golf with me Lindsay Anne Brown

The UAE boasts some world-class golf courses that have plenty of challenges

Wow, so another summer is over and done with, although you can’t really tell because it’s still incredibly warm. First off I have to say how honored I am to be writing my own column for UAE Golf Online, a really fantastic website about UAE Golf and what it has to offer.

I’m pretty new to this is all but I’ve got say being a golfer has really taught me how to take on and embrace a new challenge. Just like when you finish a game of golf with golf balls still in your bag and your pride still intact you can really give yourself a pat on the back because the UAE boasts some world-class golf courses that have plenty of challenges on them!

The UAE, for its size, has incredible golf courses, so now that summer is over and most of us are now returning home slowly, pre-season is pretty much in full swing. One thing that has really stood out to me is the rate of growth coming from the junior ranks, with so much support coming in, the talent we might see developing this season is going to be special I think.


The 2011/2012 Order of Merit season is about to begin soon with the Men’s first tournament being the AHGC Men’s Open on the 14th October, the Women’s being the TMD Ladies’ Open on the 4th November and the Juniors’ ADGC Junior open on the 7th October.

On a personal note, I’m very excited to be the Women’s’ UAE Order of Merit defending champion this season. Being able to play all these golf courses in UAE really took my game to the next level last season – not to mention the development of some of the juniors. Sana Tufail really pushed me close last season, and this season I expect there will be more girls involved. With the great set up we have in the UAE the competition can only go from strength to strength and there is nothing quite like competitive golf so I have a feeling this season is going to be a very exciting one! Added to all that I think I’m going to feel really old at 24 this season!!

I can only hope that people can take the time and come and compete in these Order of Merit events, I know it’s not easy but I can’t quite express what a decade of playing on the South African amateur circuit has taught me, the competitions were massively supported and they were really tough to win, but when a tournament is supported so well by all people ranging from 36 to 0 handicaps, then it can only grow from strength to strength.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to play in these UAE order of merit tournaments, they lead to a specific goal at the end of the season, it gives you a chance to test yourself at various different challenges and to see where you end up at the end, it gives you a reason to improve the next season.

I hope everyone had a great summer and on that note, I’d like to sign off by saying that life isn’t any different to golf, when you have a goal and you can measure your progress towards it, you can achieve anything.

It’s a beautiful game for that reason (golf that is, not life, life is serious… sometimes), it can teach us so much… My game taught me to have a sense of humor and to be positive about everything! Especially when I’ve sliced 3 ball’s into the water hazard but we keep on playing don’t we?

Have a fantastic day and If you’re heading out to play have a great round!

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