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Update of 2011 and a New Golfing Year ahead

Having entered the Shaikh Rashid Trophy last year it was not as expected

Hi All,

Well, firstly, Happy New Year, secondly apologies. Having entered the Shaikh Rashid Trophy last year it was as expected, I was less than effective. I had a chance to play with my old Scratch League buddy, Brett Armstrong on day 1 and to say we both played badly was an understatement with the same form continuing for us both the second day….third day….never even got out of bed for that one, so it was the only late morning get up I had in that tournament…..haha,
The apology is for not letting you know about it sooner….smacked wrist from the Editor on that one, so will try and be more punctual.

Well, since then I have caddied in the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters at the Majlis, pretty good experience again and met Alexis Thompson, what a grounded, smart girl. Her father who caddied for her is a great guy too and I am sure she will be really successful. My player, Lynn Brooky, played well and made the cut, oh for a few more putts and who knows, but all in all great fun.

Also played in a PGA patrons evening on the Par 3 course at the Emirates organised by Greg Holmes and those of you who know him know he has a slightly comedic side. Yes, you guessed it, he had the longest drive trophy on the par 3 courses and guess what, I won that one…I think it should have read nearest the pin, but I’ll take any trophy at the moment…

Recently I have joined The Dubai Creek for this season and the benefits of being able to use the Emirates facilities is great, I live in the Springs, so 10 mins away from practicing. This brings me nicely onto, practice, yep, still have not done a lot and it shows with the high scoring, but give it time, no excuses now I am so close to practice facilities. I have also got the gym work back on track after a 5-week layoff due to work commitments and I can nearly get that towel out my bag without a rest!!
Met with a few of the teaching Pro’s down there at the Creek, and I can already see them rubbing their hands together on lesson revenue from me…

Entered the Men’s Amateur Open at the Creek, and suffice to say, early morning tee time second day. you know when you’re not playing well when the Pro’s and the Greenkeepers ask you to wear big shoes, apparently that is to sweep off the early morning dew for the following players. But I must commend the greens staff there, the course is in great condition and no one can complain about the greens, they were perfect, congrats to Miki Mirza on his victory, solid as usual.

I have been invited to join the Scratch League team too, which is a privilege and I am looking forward to helping the team through. Also, was good to see the Captains Drive-in, Ara, smashed it 261 yards, 32 yards more than I gave him credit for in the sweep, but I hadn’t checked the wind direction, nonetheless, pretty impressive seeing the ribbing he was getting from Messrs Hubner et al…fine effort….won’t tell you what he scored on that hole, but it was over 5 but under 7…sure he will be a great Captain and do his best to keep the great club atmosphere going…..

Well, I must say the new course, is no pushover and at only a Par 71, can get you, so more practice is a must, this week I will practice holing from 40 feet, this is either for par or bogey at the moment, I must admit I don’t mind doubles or triples, but must be served with ice and a tall glass…!!!

Another tournament I will be signing up for is the Yas Links Men’s Open, I like that course and enjoyed it last year, even if it was reduced to 1 day, That event is in February, but before that, I will be down to Abu Dhabi to watch the HSBC. I saw the course last week, how well does that look and with the big names coming, should be good, now just to find a clubhouse pass!!!

I hope you like the new website, the Editor, has put a lot of work and effort into it, I will do my part to keep you updated with my golfing sagas.

Cheers Mark Holmans

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