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The under appreciated left hip Why do you butt wink

I have seen it numerous times with the golfers here at ETPI

I have seen it numerous times with the golfers here at ETPI, Jumeirah Golf Estates, who have a solid backswing, but going into impact and follow through, avoid rotating and accepting the weight shift into the left hip.

The subsequent result of this is sometimes early extension, (usually seen with an inability to clear hips and collapse in posture) otherwise known as our good friend the BUTT WINK.

There are many variables to consider including what goes on below at the ankles and above at the spine.  But for the purposes of the following example, we must first assess the ability to extend and rotate through that left hip both with and without stability.


What we may see is that the golfer we are assessing/conditioning can perform these movements at low speed when they are stable, but when we increase the demands on the left hip, i.e: getting them to extend and rotate at high speed their body finds the movement much more of an effort to control.

In this case, the body will find the path of least resistance and move through the areas it can move through to try and make the most effective club path.

Our job as Movement Specialists at ETPI is to gradually ‘tease’ in the right amount of motion (through a series of drills and movements) to facilitate an increase and awareness of the demands placed on the all-important left hip all the way to fully follow through.

Move well first, then move more often,
Neal Dinan

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