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The Golfing Road to India

My family are very excited at my future prospects on the Hero Honda Women's Golf Tour

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for the good wishes and support you have all showed me so far, it is much appreciated and helps so much.
Recently I was back home in Mexico for a break before the tour lift-off in August. I was also visiting my family but was still practicing and having some treatment for an Intercostal muscle strain which I can happily say has recovered completely. My family is very excited at my future prospects on the Hero Honda Women’s Golf Tour and I owe a big debt to my wonderful and loving Father for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams.

After arriving back in Dubai last week I walked straight back into the training routine and we are now working on all parts of my game to fine tune it before left off! My swing coach Stuart Fee has been working with me extensively on my short game. We are heavily testing my  Chip and runs, Flop shots, Pitching and Putting which is the most important part of the game in my view.


Carolina Acebo

My day now begins in the Gym at 6am then off to Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa where James Williams, Stuart McMurdo & Mark Bull have been so so accommodating. I have been practicing for 3 hours and then going on to the course to put all my practice into my gameplay.

I have been continuing with my fitness regime with dietitian Louis, who works out all my food intake for a maximum energy level helping to sustain me over 18 holes of competition. I feel that I am gaining momentum every day towards being 100% physically and mentally ready for the road ahead, which is my aim.

Phil is with me daily working relentlessly on all aspects of managing my career including keeping me motivated and focused which really helps. While training I try to relax by listening to Dr Karl Morris the Psychologist who has worked with many top Golf players in the world.

All in all…Its going to plan!!

Best Carolina

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