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Team Asia third time winners of the NMT Battle of the Continents at Sharjah

Team Asia Captained by Praveen Sharma retained their title as the champion continent in the 3rd edition of the NMT Battle of the Continents Grand Final played at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club on Friday 16th January. After a very tight start to the final where the lead changed hands between Asia, Europe and
Africa/Middle East on a number of occasions it was the Asians who capitalized on previous experience and pushed ahead opening up a 1 point lead as all groups had played 9 holes. Sanjoy Das playing for Team Asia in the first match started the push and Asia followed. Captain, Vivian Verma, Salim Shaikh and Sinar Suraj all collected maximum points in the net matches thus inspiring the other team members to continue their hold on the top of the leader board.

The second place position was extremely tight between the three other continents with only 1 point separating them all through 11 holes; it was the gross success of Team Africa & Middle East that push them 5 points clear of third place Europe. A couple of matches feel away for Africa & Middle East near the end and it proved the difference, with Asia going 3 points clear at the end.

With both the Europe & American/Australasian continents trying to claim the trophy for the first time the end line was just too far. The highlight for Team Europe was seeing young super star Max Hibbert tee it up for his Team at age 11, surely a highlight for any junior golfer.
With the NMT Battle of the Continents now having been played for the third successive year the tournament has continued to grow from strength to strength, with a huge thanks going to NMT and their representatives Vivian Verma & Praveen Sharma for the overwhelming sponsorship and personal input into the event. NMT were also delighted to confirm their renewed sponsorship of the event into its fourth year and announced exciting plans to continue to improve the competition. The tee times will now be in morning and afternoon giving space for double the field on any given qualifier.

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