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My view on Bubba and the Masters

The final pairing of Speith and Bubba Watson was a mouth-watering one

As this month has seen another Masters championship close its clear that we need to cover the topic of Bubba Watson.

The final pairing of Speith and Bubba Watson was a mouth-watering one as you had a pretty orthodox technique against a personal flair. Both of them at that level, of course, have total ownership of the movement but you have to wonder when the game that holds up to the challenge was that of the personal flair.

To me it looks as if Bubba plays Golf – he hits the ball in the shape he wants to get it to the target, he scores and knows how to compete. He is not at all flawless with his play but when he is on form he is always a contender. Speith on the other hand who is one of the future stars on the US tour looked as if he lost rhythm and balance in his swing, every shot on the back nine his hand came off the club as he wasn’t happy with it which showed to me that he just couldn’t repeat his swing in the highest amount of pressure as it was not totally natural it was more a movement which he was trying to recreate whereas Bubba Watson has his own swing.


Let’s not knock the young American as he is ranked the 9th best player in the world, it was just on this occasion that flair and ownership of your game won the tournament.

Taking this further this week there has been a world record broken for the Trackman Combine test. The score of 93.0 was scored by Dan Gavins in the UK which puts him higher placed than the top players in the world. The trackman combine is great for learning your strengths and training in more real game scenarios where you have to hit a shot, but it’s vital to take a look at the relevance to how successful you will be as a professional.
Gavins starts his Career on the Challenge tour this year currently having played one event and missed the cut. Gavins has had a successful year on the 3rd level Europro tour in the UK finishing second on the rankings so we can all watch to see if he can progress and lead the rankings on an order of Merit.

My point is that too often now I see reliance on the technology from the coaches and the player. Golf is and will always be a game that needs to play, shots need to be hit, as ETPI Director of Instruction Wayne Johnson says its not a postcard it’s a scorecard.

I use the technology to find the areas for improvement in a players game then to measure that specific improvement as we move towards personal bests.

Use the technology to make you better at playing, use it to refine your skills but remember what it is there for. Which is to help you play the shots more consistently and accurately on the course.

The Masters was won by the lowest score, not the prettiest swing. Keep working on your technique but combine that with developing a sound course game.

Mathew Parker

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