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Golf what a Game

I've instructed a range of abilities from European tour winner to total beginner

I have played golf all of my standing life and I have had many great memories along the way but recently there was a moment on the Practice ground here at the European Tour Performance Institute that has really been impressive.

Many people seem to start their golfing lives here in Dubai and I instruct a range of abilities from European tour winner to total beginner, which always makes the day an interesting one.

Our students very frequently will share their practice area with multiple European Tour winners to Ryder cup players and major champions and this one occasion occurred on a Saturday afternoon. I had just started introducing the game to this chap and he was booked in for his second experience with me where we were going to build on his first lesson (chipping) by building the backswing. He arrived 30 mins before to warm up (guess which country he was from) and away he starts rekindling his skills from his first experience.


Much to my amazement one of our visiting tour professionals sees that he is needing some guidance and then goes over and starts helping him for 20 mins to get this chap being able to enjoy the game and continue improving. The chap in hand has no idea who is helping him, thinks he is just someone who loves the game and continues to take advice. After a few high fives from each other, their time stops and now it’s my turn to tackle building the swing. The session went really well and the ball was flying, happy days. Then I was really surprised again to see the same tour player go back over and support the guy I had been teaching him with enthusiasm a few swing tips, it was brilliant.

Moments such as this really make you appreciate the spirit of Golf and the people that play it. I will keep the name of the player secret but he is a 5-time winner on the European tour and a Ryder Cup player.

Mathew Parker

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