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Fisher came out smelling of Roses at Tower Links Golf Club

Captain Derek Fisher navigated his way around the narrow fairways and treacherous water hazards of Tower Links Golf Club on the 20th of July to claim the midweek social stableford.


Fisher, starting from hole 18 was quick to hoist sail and started with four straight par’s followed by a birdie and two more par’s to be sitting at 1 under par gross after 7 holes which equated to 19 stableford points, hmmm I smell something fishy here, Mr. 14 handicapper………

Setting up on his penultimate hole, the short Par 3, 16th, Fisher tugged his shot left into the mangroves after trying to hit a soft 7 iron instead of going with his first instinct, the hard 8 and failed to record any points. Now standing on the tricky 17th hole with a deflated sail all Derek wanted to do was to catch up with his pal Morgan who was waiting patiently in the clubhouse and tell him of his round and tales of woe, but he had navigate this one yet.

After a bit of a rant, Derek let fly with a high drawing 5 wood which found its way into the rough down the left side of the fairway leaving him some 165 yards to the green. Unable to fly the ball onto the putting surface the Englishman wound up some 25 yards short of the green and after making a solid chip to 12 ft required two putts to finish the hole and record 2 stableford points. Fisher had signed off for 21 stableford points despite the setback on the 16th and could not get off the course quick enough to catch up for a yarn with Morgan.

Tower Links Golf Club

There were three players vying for second and third place on 18 stableford points, Mira Yoo, Gerry Gibson and Mr. Shinjiro Hino who just keeps getting better with age. Unfortunately for Mr. Hino he lost out in the count back, with Mira taking the spoils for second and Gerry taking third place. Spooning on the night was Chris Willshire who managed to find every tree and water hazard on the course in his poultry tally of 4 stableford points.

Pin Winners

Hole 12 – B.H. Yoo

Hole 16 – Dave Clark

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