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Are you enjoying the cool weather and playing lots of Golf?

I have been working very hard on my game practicing for many hours

Hi Everybody,

Hope you’re all enjoying the cool weather and playing lots of golf. I have been working very hard on my game, practicing for many hours per day at the Emirates GC. It’s all coming together very nicely… I am about to start some hard sessions with Pete Cowans right-hand man Mark Gregson Walters who has worked with many of the worlds top Pros. Mark will prepare me for the start of the Ladies European Access Series which begins in the new year. My tournaments will be in France UK & Spain. Having played in USA and Asia it will be my first time playing in Europe as a Professional.

Transguard who are my sponsors are having a corporate golf day on 30th November at the Arabian Ranches which I will play in and assist the Ladies to victory…..)))
I would like to thank Colin the Pro and all the staff from Arabian Ranches for there kind hospitality when I had the pleasure of being invited to play in there Ladies day comp. I played 3 holes with each group and it was very enjoyable on giving the girls a few tips. Afterward, we had lunch and I answered any questions they put my way… A good day was had !!

On a technical note… My driver which is a Taylormade Superfast 9.5 degree with a regular shaft has been shortened by 1 inch to give it less flex and give me more distance… I am hitting my drives another 40 yards.

My new wedges that had to be ordered 3 months ago due to the conforming grooves are now beginning to feel so so good. It’s taken time to adjust. I chip around 100 balls every day followed by 200 balls for irons and woods. Finishing with 1 hour of putting.

Enjoy your game

Carolina Acebo

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