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Another piece of the Golf Jigsaw of fits into place

Golf in Dubai will be holding an Asian Tour event in Dubai

Golf in Dubai announced yesterday that they will be holding an Asian Tour event in Dubai next December. This is another piece of the global Golf jigsaw added to the UAE puzzle. In fact, there are 2 other pieces remaining to be fitted for a complete set.

What exactly do I mean by this? Let me start by having a closer look at the current 4 pieces already in place, something I have touched on before in detail.

The UAE currently holds them in the format of both the main and feeder Tours:
1 The DP World Tour Championship, Dubai which is the season-ending event for the European Tour (a season which is called the Race to Dubai!)
2 The Challenge Tour, which is the feeder Tour with new players qualifying for the European Tour is held in Dubai. (3 Year contract)
3 The season-ending LET (Ladies European Tour) event, the Dubai Ladies Masters is held in Dubai in December.
4 Add 2 more established European Tour events in the form of the Desert Classic and the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship.


So what are the two missing pieces of the puzzle?
1 A Seniors Event, I am sure is already close to being secured in the next year or 2 as the choice of venues is growing.
2 What about a PGA event? Does this sound as silly as it seems with the Trump course in Dubai a year or so away?

Surely it is only a matter of time before 2 other pieces fall into place somewhere in the UAE or region? What are your thoughts?

Can you imagine any country/region holding a bigger variety of individual events? If all these jigsaw pieces are fitted in place at the same time what an amazing product will be available to view.

Whatever happens, the UAE Golfing jigsaw is creating its own shape and sporting history for the Emirates, please continue.


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