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10 Robbie Williams Songs to help you play better Golf

With Robbie Williams in town for his concert in Abu Dhabi we thought we would have some fun at UAE Golf Online. Here are 10 songs from Robbie’s repertoire turned into Golf related songs to help you play better Golf during your round. Hope you enjoy!!

1 Let me EnTEEtain you (Life through a lens 1997)
Robbie is the MC of the Golf event and sings each players name out before they tee off in the style of this song.

2 Golf Bag Full of Silly (2005 Trippin)
When you drop your Golf Bags off before your round and and get ready to play, Robbie cheekily adds lots of practical jokes and toys in your bag.


3 Doglegs and Birdies (In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990–2010)
Robbie will talk to you and explain about how to play a dogleg hole and make a birdie.

4 Family Golf Coach (Advertising Space 2005)
Exactly what is says on the tin, Robbie becomes your Family golf Coach for the day, I am sure your daughter and wife will prefer this one.

5 Forever Texas Scramble (Sing when your winning 2000)
You have guessed it, like groundhog day, your forever playing Texas Scramble with Mr Williams at every Golf eveent you play.

6 Get a little Pin high (Escapology 2002)
See how excited Robbie gets and what he sings everytime you hit a Golf shot that is Pin High.

7 Not on this Earth Course (In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990–2010)
Robbie is following you around in a Golf Cart on the Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates telling you off for doing anything wrong in your golf etiquette.

8 She’s the Hole in One (1998)
Robbie Williams comes from behind the bushes on any hole that you score an ace on and sings this hit for you.

9 Golf Swing Supreme (Swings both ways 2013)
You know what it is like, you are on the range and everything you hit and the way your swinging is Supreme! Then you go on the Course…

10 The Trouble off the Tee with me (2005 Intensive Care)
Do you have trouble off the tee sometimes when playing Golf? Let Robbie sing this to you next time you fluff up on the 1st in front of the Clubhouse.

Hope you enjoyed our light hearted Golf fun about Robbie Williams, if you can think of anymore add them below.

UAE Golf Online ;-)

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